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A Lucky Bee

On a recent Friday, in the short time I had between teaching a class and seeing a new private student, I decided to step outside on the back deck that overlooks our garden. I had a little more than an hour before my student was due and since it was a beautiful day, I wanted to soak in the warm autumn air and strong, shining sun. Whenever I am out the deck, I always pay attention to my green kids, aka my plants. I deadheaded the geraniums and another of our favorite plants (a Euphorbia named Simona) and picked up some of the oak leaves that had fallen from the big tree in our yard. As I pushed the dead oak leaves down into the plant trash basket, I felt a sharp sting. On the underside of one leaf was an angry bee that did not appreciate my fingers on his leaf. He stung me right on my ring finger. And I’m allergic to bee stings.

Many years ago, I was stung when a bee got stuck in my hair. I started to feel swelling and itchiness in my armpits, groin and neck but I didn’t know why. I made it to the hospital in time for a shot of adrenaline, which immediately did its work to deflate me. Until that time, I was unaware that I had a bee sting allergy. Since then I’ve learned that future allergic bee stings reactions often become worse and can be potentially fatal.

Since I always have an Epi Pen nearby, my husband was able to give me the shot in the leg. Until that Friday, I had never needed to use an Epi-Pen and I was little anxious when he took the cap and safety off the pen and prepared to inject me. It’s a big pen, but the actual needle is small so there was no pain with the injection at all. I was nervous and shaky, so I called my doctor who recommended to going to the emergency room, just to be safe.

Instead of the local hospital ER, I went to a nearby critical care center, City MD, where I was seen immediately. After telling them that I’d been stung by a bee and was allergic to bee stings, the kind doctor there reassured me that the Epi Pen shot was all I needed, that my shaking was the result of the adrenaline in the Epi Pen, that I’d make it back in time for my new student, and that he, the doctor, takes hot yoga.

Leaving the doctor, I felt absolutely joyous and relieved. I was so happy that I was prepared for that bee sting, was able to get immediate medical care, and that I would be on time to help a new student. I really wanted to celebrate, so I bought some very beautiful flowers and a mini orchid on the way home. My husband is happy as well, not only because things worked out well but also that now he gets to say that he saved my life.

How do you celebrate the good things in life? Please add a ritual to the comments below to help others with your idea.

The Heart of Silence

Tara’s Brach’s books are steeped in tenderness, and full of wisdom. After reading her most recent book, True Refuge, I immediately did the right thing and signed up for her mailing list. Soon after, I got a newsletter from Tara

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Nervous About Teaching, even after 30 years

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JB and the Manspreaders

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Finding Neutral for Your Neck

The curve of the neck develops after birth as we lift our head up to look around us and for some milk to drink. This desire for sustenance and connection begins the development of our neck curve. Throughout our life,

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Stiff Neck? Try the Bobble-Headed Bunny Move

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May 21, 2012 I had a student who came to my class regularly for a while. During that time, I felt that Down Dog was not really an appropriate pose for him. I suggested that he do Down Dog at

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Does Therapeutic = Feel Good?

April 2 If something is therapeutic, does that mean it feels good? *One teacher said that she followed the ‘no pain no gain’ philosophy. If something is therapeutic, it should hurt. *Another teacher said that when she first started practicing

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Shine & Refine Jan 23, 2012

This special launch class brought a great group of teachers & deep practitioners into the studio. I am influenced by Glenn Black’s 2 two hour workshops on Shoulders and Hips last week at Ishta Yoga. We looked at the skeleton

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