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Finding Neutral for Your Neck

The curve of the neck develops after birth as we lift our head up to look around us and for some milk to drink. This desire for sustenance and connection begins the development of our neck curve.

Throughout our life, we are constantly looking ahead – still searching for sustenance and connection with others. Our neck muscles tighten to support the head in its too far forward position.
Or conversely we flatten the curve of the neck in a military style attempt at good posture. Sometimes this can result in reversing the natural curve of the neck. That was my problem years ago – trying too hard to be straight!

A neutral curve of the neck should include:- Soft, supple muscles between the skull and top vertebrae. (See my most recent blog – Bobble-Headed Bunny Move, to figure this).- A natural curve that moves toward the Adam’s Apple

Glide gracefully like a swan.

*Thank you Joan Arnold and Tina Goldstein for the “neck option” photos

Subway Series

Subway Series Photo Shoot: July 21, 2010 On any sweltering summer day, practicing yoga provides its own challenges. On an unusually hot Wednesday morning in late July, Gina and I descended into what one can only consider the least likely

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AcroYogis, Deven Sisler and Sam Miller guided our workshop group through a very short, simple warm up. Their plank partnering taught us about holding our own weight and they shared the best standing core exercise ever – The Hollow Body!

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Fitting In Fitness: Exercise Tips for New (and not so New) Moms

This was originally posted by Jennifer on Hip Slope Mama (www.HipSlopeMama.blogspot.com). Oh the joys of new Motherhood—so much excitement and so much caretaking to do for the new child. And if the new baby is not the first baby in

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Dogs Do Yoga Without Our Help

This was originally posted by Jennifer on Hip Slope Mama (www.HipSlopeMama.blogspot.com). Have you ever watched a dog get up from a nap and do a beautiful Downward Facing Dog followed by a graceful stretch into Upward Facing Dog? My dog

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