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Year: 2015

A Summer of Inspiration: My Travelogue of Classes

THIS is exactly what I needed: some fresh inspiration to remind me of what yoga is really all about. I took a long break from teaching this summer (7 weeks!) and opened up to new ideas. I took all kinds

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Nervous About Teaching, even after 30 years

I was already starting to worry about the weather a week before I was going to teach the FREE yoga class in Prospect Park. If the weather turned out to be cool, I’d have to put a sequence together of

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JB and the Manspreaders

I grew up at the mercy of two Manspreaders. In the back seat of our family car, I was smooshed on the hump, while my brothers made themselves comfortable, spreading their legs wide and taking up as much of the back seat as they wanted for their sprawling limbs…

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