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Year: 2014

When The Pose Hurts

Who Teaches Me? Once a week, regardless of my over-scheduled life, I take my yoga class with Genny Kapuler. It is precious two-hour ritual that feeds and sustains me with knowledge, inspiration and energy. When the stars align just right,

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Dance Lesson for a Yogi

Demi Plie: As a dancer, I spent countless hours at the ballet barre. We’d onto the barre to practice many movements especially our demi plie. A demi plie is a knee bend with the heels firmly rooted to the floor.

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I Was a Crack Addict

When I was a dancer, just before I moved across the floor or went onstage, I would crack my left ankle and the arch of my right foot. I also cracked every knuckle on each of my fingers. If I

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