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Month: November 2008

“Good job!” and Other Feedback

How often do we as parents and teachers say, “Good job!” in response to something our child or student has done? Feedback like this comes out of our mouths so often that it is habitual. It is only when we

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Golden Red Thread

We have hundreds of nerves streaming from our spine into all parts of our body. You can see this very clearly laid out in the Bodies exhibit. According to ancient yogic texts, The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and the Hatha

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Relax Then Rebound

Letting go is one of life’s important lessons. Reconnecting with our sense of grounded ness helps us to relax right in the midst of our busy schedules. When we let go, we can sometimes experience a renewed sense of freedom,

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Cone To Your Core

I was sparked with new intentions and energy after a 6 hour workshop on Yoga and the Pelvic Floor with Jaki Nett at Yoga Union Center For Backcare and Scoliosis. The word Core is rampant in our physical vocabulary. But,

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