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Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout

This warm up begins standing so that we are up and ready to go. It is also a change from how many yoga classes begin – with sitting or lying down. We twist to cleanse. The arm movements wake up and circulate the shoulders.

1. Right Arm Up

2. Twist: Circle right arm back at shoulder height, bend knees.

3. I Dream Of Jeannie: Reach left hand to right elbow, right hand to left elbow, still twisting.

4. Face Forward arms up, holding elbows.

5. Side Bend: Left arm down.

6. Side Bend: right hand on left ear.

7. Roll half way down: interlace fingers behind back.

8. Uttanasana: with arms reaching overhead.

9. Roll up: keeping hands high behind you until vertical.

10. Release arms

11. Repeat left side

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