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Jennifer Brilliant (and her team) offer yoga teacher development classes, yoga therapeutics, kids yoga, private and group yoga instruction, yoga-at-work programs, personal training, kinetic awareness, yoga for children with special needs, and specialized workshops. Or… some combination of the above! View the current schedule of classes.

Yoga Teachers: Shine & Refine

Yoga teacher development classes and workshops are an opportunity to deepen your teaching skills. Working with the collective experience of a master teacher, and other teachers, is a great way to broaden your knowledge and find support as you clarify your purpose as a teacher. This is a chance to explore new teaching ideas, to discuss issues or challenges that you face, and to learn how to communicate effectively with all types of students.

Yoga Therapeutics

Yoga Therapeutics is a personalized and dynamic yoga class, which encompasses all levels. The class allows for individualized focus on the physical needs of each participant within the framework of a traditional yoga class. Yoga Therapeutics is helpful for someone with chronic pain and/or weakness. Students work to find their optimal alignment, increase strength, flexibility and balance while reducing stress.

Yoga 4 Cancer

This ongoing weekly class will offer the healing experience of yoga for people during or after cancer treatment. Through breath awareness, movement, restorative postures and a sense of community, Jennifer will provide a practice that accepts and accommodates each participant. We’ll stimulate the lymphatic system, build core strength and cultivate a sense of well-being. Come as you are and do what you can – all levels of experience welcome.

Kids Yoga

Growing up is hard and we hope to teach our kids skills that will enable them to walk in the world with ease. The regular practice of yoga increases strength and flexibility while sharpening ones mental focus. It equips us with both the ability and the opportunity to relax and learn to breathe, while also becoming immersed in a physical challenge. The practice of yoga helps kids begin to develop a healthy image of their bodies and minds while they learn to skillfully channel their energy in useful ways.

Private Yoga Instruction

A private yoga class is an opportunity to work directly with Jennifer and her teachers to address your individual practice. In a private class Jennifer will work with your specific needs and questions. Each session is crafted for YOU so you will receive the individual attention that may not be possible in a group class. For new students, private sessions are an ideal way to learn basic poses, proper breathing techniques, and warm up to the whole notion of yoga before attending a group class. For those whose special concerns would make joining a group class difficult, Jennifer can tailor an appropriate program for you at your personal level. For advanced students, private classes help to deepen your practice or address areas of weakness or injury.

Group Yoga Instruction

A variety of classes are held at the studio including Yoga Fundamentals, Beginner/Intermediate, and Yin Restorative. Check the schedule for more information:

Calendar of Classes, Workshops, and Events

Jennifer is also available to teach group yoga classes to you and your friends. You gather the group, she brings the class plan. This is a fun way to introduce your loved ones to yoga.

She is also available for Yoga-at-Work programs. You clear some time in the day, and Jennifer will set up a class for the employees at your office. This is a wonderful way to de-stress, hone your focus, and reap the many physical benefits of yoga.

Yoga Workshops

Jennifer is available to lead workshops on specific areas of yoga and anatomy study. Past workshops have included: Yoga for Scoliosis, Enhancing Your Home Practice, and Solutions for Tight or Injured Hamstrings.

Personal Training

Jennifer Brilliant and her trainers offer personalized programs. These workouts are based on the needs and goals of the client and may include aerobic conditioning as well as strength, flexibility, and balance training. Some people have specific health concerns. Other people find that a gym or group class in not appropriate for them. Most people are motivated by working with someone else who can offer support. Whatever the reasons are, Jennifer and her trainers will create an exercise situation that works for you.

We have worked with or are working with people who are handling varied health concerns.

Jennifer Brilliant Trainers:

Each trainer has extensive experience working with her own body before working with clients. Most trainers are certified by organizations such as ACE (American Council on Exercise) and continue to participate in education programs to maintain their certification. This leads to a variety of approaches in exercise and communication, something that greatly benefits you, the client.

Kinetic Awareness

Kinetic Awareness, also called “the ball work,” may be experienced individually or taught in a group setting, as part of a class or as a special workshop. It is a release technique that enhances body awareness and relieves excess muscular tension. Because we store experiences and emotion in our bodies, Kinetic Awareness is a way to reach into the structure and habits of both our physical and emotional life. People with Repetitive Stress Injury are among those who have benefitted from Kinetic Awareness.

What is Kinetic Awareness?
Kinetic Awareness is a system of body discovery that brings attention to the simplest components of movement and explores our emotional attitudes toward the body. This is done by lying in different positions on graduated rubber balls. The pressure that is created by the weight of the body on the ball releases tension, like a massage. The experience of lying on the balls is deepened with super-slow, tiny movements. Through these specific movements, we gain insight and sensitivity about how our body/mind operates. We become more efficient because we don’t use unnecessary energy for movement. We learn about letting go on a cellular level.

The Kinetic Awareness practice utilizes our feelings as a divining rod. It is a tool that gives us permission to feel anything that arises and allows us to pursue these feelings in our own time-frame. It is a slow, steady process that is self-directed. You can work on your own at an appropriate pace.

Kinetic Awareness, developed by Elaine Summers, has been called “the best hug you can get.”