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Doga—Yoga for Dogs

by Jennifer Brilliant and William Berloni

Dogs have always been natural yogis. Their freedom from attachment to
anything but their humans—not to mention their flexibility—are
frequently the result of their long and devoted practice of doga.

Finally, with the help of human dogi devotees Jennifer Brilliant and
William Berloni, dogis Bennie, Buster, Cricket, Harlem, Kessie, and Pi
reveal the art of doga. The major asanas
from the downward-facing dog posture to the restorative pup’s pose are
depicted here in full-color photographs. Step-by-step instructions make
doga acessible to the beginner as well as inspiring those who have been
practicing for years. Here also are plenty of tips for human
practitioners on adapting postures to their own yoga practice, as well
as techniques for mastering exercises such as the hot breath, or pant.

On the path to health and inner harmony, Doga shows the way.

The authors and publisher would like to stress that
the dogs in this book, and dogs in general, do these positions
naturally. At no time were the dogs forced into any poses, and you
should not attempt to force or otherwise coerce your dog into any of
the positions in this book or any other yoga-based positions. Follow
the principles of yoga, let your dog do what comes naturally, and enjoy
what you can learn from observing. Namaste.

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