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Year: 2011

A Love Affair in Virasana – Her Pelvis Met Her Heels

It has been so many years, she thought it’d never happen. She practices yoga regularly. Fourteen years that I know about, during the week and on weekends too. She practices with fervor, refinement and a smile. She is the one

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The Holidays

The Holidays As the weather changes and the holiday’s approach, so does out sense of urgency and stress. Plans get made, gifts get bought, meals get consumed, and time, as always, seems to continually run out. The weeks between Thanksgiving

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Yoga Practice is Shocking

Whether we are fresh to yoga or practicing for years, the feedback from our bodies can be shocking. That tightness in my side, shoulder or hip – where did that come from? Ow, I am prevented from doing what I

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Teaching Letting Go

Begin face down to the earth, feeling your breath. Internally rotate your legs so that your back feels open. Feel your breath like a buoy in your belly. Notice how it fills along your ribs, pressing your chest into the

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Supine Shoulders Adjustments

When I attempt to adjust someone’s shoulders in savasana, I first lift their arm by the hand or wrist. I give their arm a little wiggle or shake to determine the degree of release. Still sometimes a student is not

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On Teaching Alignment

While working to align ourselves, specifically our shoulders, it’s easy to overdo it. To minimize strain, we want to spread our collarbones wide. If we trace the collarbone with our hands, we can feel the distal end far out to

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