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Year: 2008

Initiating Our Movement

While walking down the street in our daily life, we must use our eyes to look before turning a corner. Our head leads the way. No wonder we end up with our heads in front of us. We are most

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Use Pressure to Open

My work this week included decompressing the spine at all the points along the way where collapse is likely: between the lumbar and the sacrum, between the low floating rib line and the lumbar spine, between C7 and the ribs,

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A Really Big Yoga Class

This was originally posted by Jennifer on Hip Slope Mama (www.HipSlopeMama.blogspot.com). On two consecutive Thursday evenings in July, I taught free yoga classes in Bryant Park. I was somewhat prepared for a large crowd because Lululemon, the event sponsor, told

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Taking time to practice yoga or to work out regularly is a path toward knowing yourself. This self-discovery is separate from your family, past experiences or other obligations. It’s about YOU—your body and mind—coming together moment by moment.

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Snake and Slither – Keeping it Simple

Here is a warm up that is quite simple, with nothing too fancy. It doesn’t feel quite right to me to tell people where to breathe in and where to breathe out. So as I teach the movements of this

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Crank It Up

Here is a warm up for you to try. Some more intro text. Maybe a few lines. And a few more. I think you’ll like this because… See if when you’re doing the cow, you can feel your chest widen.

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