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Dandasana Twist - Jennifer Brilliant - knowledge passion dedication

Jennifer Brilliant's small studio is something of a secret institution, frequented by dedicated locals and intrepid Manhattanites. Brilliant has a friendly, urbane approach and tremendous stores of yoga knowledge, no matter where you're coming from—beginner, advanced, apprehensive, slightly injured—you're in good hands.

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No Class this Sunday, Oct 5th 

Pre & Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga Classes in Park Slope

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Jennifer + 160 Yogis + perfect weather = a beautiful evening in Prospect Park

Eagle Arms

Your knowledge is boundless and I am confident that you know what to do with each and every body part. And more importantly, I know you would do no harm. If you didn’t know about something, you’d go out and find out. I love your spirit, your body, and your expertise. You are simply the best.
-Diana P.