Align with Ease: Practices to Feel Better in Your Body



I’m a long-time yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and personal trainer, and I can help you with whatever issues you bring to the mat. In our work together, you’ll learn to release, stretch, and strengthen the parts of you that need it the most. I provide vital information and strategies for managing acute pain and discomfort, as well as for maintaining a healthy body and mind in your daily life. LEARN MORE.


Focused Fridays 2018

The first monthly class is Friday, January 19 @ 9:30 am.

I’ll guide you through a slow, flow class with in-depth therapeutic work, built around specific themes of embodiment. My approach to yoga goes beyond getting the right alignment; instead, it’s about learning how to develop awareness of your body so that you move through your life with grace and ease.

Group Classes
On-on-one Sessions
Workplace Yoga


I have loved having class with you — the depth of investigation and the specificity and the engagement with the practice that you bring to class, as well as the inventiveness and focus and encouragement and wisdom. It has been a great pleasure.

-Kendall C.



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